The latest HCP data. Fast.

The HealthCare Locator SDK can connect any mHealth app to the Database—the world’s most comprehensive source of real-time healthcare data—which includes trusted records for 21.5 million healthcare providers (HCPs) and 2.5 million healthcare organizations (HCOs) worldwide, with thousands of daily updates. Now you can seamlessly integrate our open source SDK into your own my Health apps and websites, giving your users HCP Finder tools that offer the most up-to-date access to the healthcare they need, when they need it.

Find HCPs accurately

Your app or website will offer the most up-to-date provider data by location, name, or speciality

Access HCP profiles

Your users can review more detailed profiles, including specialty, location, and all contact information

Share HCP profiles

Users can use SMS or email to share profiles with friends and family

The same great experience on every device

  • Healthcare Locator SDKs are available for iOS, Android, and JavaScript implementation
  • All screens can be graphically customized with available components or standard graphics can be used
  • Take advantage of third-party APIs for additional functionality

Only pay for what you use

  • Free access to sample data for testing
  • Pricing for production applications is based on the number of requests, plus access fees
  • Customize your database to defined parameters
  • Choose your support level
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Find out what HealthCare Locator can do

This SDK makes it easy for developers to add these services and more to mobile apps and websites.

Look up an HCP profile

Users can specify search criteria or find care providers on a map. The database returns data that is updated daily, including title, name, professional type, up to five specialties, and up to three addresses. Smartphone users can call a provider directly.

Rank information quality and request changes

Users can provide feedback on whether the provider profile data they see is correct, and suggest changes to verify.

Share an HCP profile

When users find an HCP/HCO, they can send the profile to friends or family using email or SMS.

Multiple languages

HealthCare Locator features are available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, and Turkish, with more languages to come.